Video Production

Increase sales, build your brand awareness and attract media attention with a professionally produced, cinema quality video. Take your message and turn it into a jaw dropping video to get your business the attention it deserves.

Event Videos

Be it product launch, graduation ceremony, or festival opening, event videos are the essential tool for documenting and creating buzz around your next event. As market leaders, we bring the UK’s foremost live production team and guarantee to raise your events online presence.

Motion Graphics

Stand out with custom designed animation or graphics that are polished, professional and effective. Imagination is the only limit and when you work with LORENZO – our award winning team will guide you through every step and deliver an innovative animation that speaks to your audience

Training Videos

Increase sales, build your brand awareness and attract media attention with a professionally produced, cinema quality video. Take your message and turn it into a jaw dropping video to get your business the attention it deserves.

Corporate Videos

Corporate video is the best marketing tool a company can possess. One that has a very healthy ROI, promotes your organization and creates new customers.

Promotional Videos

Video production has the unique ability to capture the your essence, then deliver it to your customers at incredible speed and with ridiculously high consumer passion. Make content your customers will love.

LORENZO CG, is an integrated team of marketing, planning and creative minds. Our objective is to help you think deeper and see your innovation challenges differently.

We offer a number of services to help you develop your brand throughout the innovation pipeline.


We identify brand’s truths and build their competitive advantage. Great strategy builds a brand’s right to succeed over time. We work closely with you, your consumers and even your customers – to ‘psycho-analyse’ your brand – stripping away the complexity to identify the actionable consumer and market insights that drive brand success and pinpoint the fundamental Truths that lie at your brand’s core. But that’s not an end in itself, we then use small-team Think-Shops to creatively exploit the Brand Truth to maximize your long-term success. So, whether you prefer to use a brand pyramid, key, onion, or some other framework; we’ll help you crystallize the insights and truths into a vision and mission that will guide and inspire brand activation and innovation for decades to come.


We generate deep and meaningful insights that springboard original thinking and inspire breakthrough-solutions. The challenge is to get past consumers’ superficial responses and help your team unlock incisive, actionable insights, To do this we use Online Ethnography, cutting-edge observation techniques like Life-Logging, Super-Consumer Mini-Groups & good-old fashioned in-depth, face-to-face, In-Home Safaris. But we don’t stop there. We use Workshops and Creative Interactions to help your team decode what they’ve learned and turn it into dynamic platforms to springboard original thinking & inspired solutions!


We stimulate teams to make brilliant creative leaps. We do this by creating inspiring & stretching ideation workshops where fresh thinking thrives. Great workshops are fun and inspiring, but they also stretch your team’s intellectual curiosity & creativity to create high-energy environments that encourage breakthrough idea generation.
We plan every workshop in minute detail: sourcing fresh stimulus; recruiting inspiring experts, introducing thought-provoking catalysts …. then we use brain-stretching team-building exercises to stimulate discussion, spark creative leaps and deliver actionable solutions. We’ll do more than give you a great day out … we’ll create an environment where genius thrives!


We bring innovation thinking to life as compelling concepts. We do this by building promising starter-ideas into relevant & motivating concepts … then evolving & perfecting them with super-consumers. First, our concept-crafting team work with you to bring your starter-ideas to life with compelling insights, benefits & reasons-to-believe. Then our visual-team works maximize consumer engagement and generate images & concept-pack designs that really tell the story. Once ideas have been brought to life as concepts … it usually time to co-create! By working co-creatively with super-consumers in Incubators we can optimize the idea’s relevance, perfect the concept’s communication & fine-tune it’s call to action. We’ve got a proven track-record of turning good ideas into commercially successful concepts!


We turn innovation thinking into brilliant brand propositions. Creating names, packs and positioning that connect powerfully with the consumer’s underlying motivations and turn consumer benefits into compelling calls to action. We use Storytelling, Semiotics and Visual Design skills to go beyond mere pretty packaging to create compelling Brand Worlds that connect the brand to the underlying consumer needs and insight through the positioning. We’ve got a proven track record of turning ideas into valuable new brand propositions!
Let us show you how …

Here are some services we deal in

1. Branding Design (Corporate Identity design, Logo, Business Card, Letter Head, Proposal, Brochure, Flyer, Newspaper Ad Design etc)
Website Development (Wordpress, E-commerce Store, Core PHP, etc)
Mobile App development (Android, IOS)
Internet Marketing (Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords, etc)
Media buying (TV and Outdoor advertising)

We have a team of professional developers with multiple offices around the globe and work around the clock to deliver your next project in time.